File the permit for your swimming pool/recreation court by clicking the button below and printing the zoning application. Submit the application along with your property survey and a business check, money order or cashier's check for $20.00 to the Plainfield Building Division. No cash, cards or personal checks are accepted. Sorry :( .

The Zoning Board of Adjustment presides over applications that need variances. If your pool/court does not meet the above provisions of the Land Use Ordinance, you probably need a variance. The variance process is a longer process than a normal zoning application and requires a board hearing, a 45 day review period by the Planning Division, and a $500 escrow for residential applications and $1,000 for commercial applications, along with fees. To learn more about the Zoning Board process, please contact the Planning Division at (908) 753-3391.

Zoning Board of Adjustment