Zoning Regulations (17:9-33)

Home occupations shall only be permitted provided they do not change the character of the principal residence from a home to a business or change the character of the surrounding neighborhood from a residential neighborhood to a commercial neighborhood. Specifically, the characteristics of the home occupation cannot differ from that expected in a residential neighborhood in the following areas of concern: The appearance of the premises, including color, materials, construction, or lighting; the risk of physical harm to persons or property due to the nature or volume of any materials stored on site; the creation of noise, vibration, dust, smoke, odor, glare, radiation or electrical interference; the volume and frequency of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. 

Interior Only

The home occupation must be conducted entirely within the principal residence and cannot involve outdoor storage or activities. 


No more than one (1) home occupation may be conducted on a lot and it shall not involve more than thirty percent (30%) of the gross floor area of a principal dwelling unit, including the floor area of an attached garage. 


No more than one (1) person other than the occupants of the dwelling may be involved or employed on the premises in the home occupation. 


The home occupation cannot involve commercial vehicles, other than an occasional cartage vehicle for the delivery of materials related to the home occupation to or-from the premises.