Zoning Regulations (17:9-51)

Signs, signs, signs! Every business is entitled to at least three signs in Plainfield. Like most towns, signs are regulated in Plainfield and certain types of signs or lighting sources may not be permitted. Your business MUST file a zoning application for every sign or lighting you wish to install including but not limited to awnings, replacement awning covers, wall signs, blade/projecting signs, freestanding signs, ground signs and window signs. Window signs must not cover more than 30% of each individual window at any given time. No window sign is permitted to be lit. LED lighting accents are not permitted by code. Applicants in the North Avenue Historic District Zone and other historically registered buildings must go before the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) in order to get an approval.

Downtown Plainfield Alliance has excellent resources online for navigating Plainfield's signage rules and tips on how to have a successful sign.

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