Zoning Regulations (17:8-1.A.2)


If your interested in regrading your yard, adding or removing soil, then be sure to get a a zoning permit. This requires also having engineering topography maps and grading plans submitted to the city for review to ensure water runoff and surrounding areas are not harmed. The following regulations cover land disturbances and soil alterations:


Raising Grade more than 6"?

If you are proposing to raise or lower soil more than 6", than you need a grading plan. The Assistant Zoning Officer will forward your grading plan to the city's Engineer to review the grading plan and advise the Assistant Zoning Officer on if the plan is acceptable or not.

Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District

If your property is more than 5,000 sq. ft., then you must apply and be granted a permit from the Somerset-Union Soil Conservation District in order to complete your project. The District provides support in the following areas:

  • Provides natural-resource information relating to soil conservation.
  • Assists agriculture in management of soils, erosion control and conservation practices.
  • Provides input on natural resources to local government in evaluation projects.
  • Assists landowners by providing information on natural resources.
  • Provides technical assistance to engineers in the development of erosion-control plans.

Grading/Landscaping Plan

A Grading Plan, along with your property survey and a zoning application is required for all land disturbances. The grading plan should not have slopes higher than 3:1.The grading plan should be completed, signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer.