Zoning Regulations (17:9-47)

Cool off this summer with a new pool or get some exercise with new tennis courts. All swimming pools, tennis courts and racquetball courts are expected to abide by the following Land Use Ordinance codes:



Swimming pools, tennis courts or racquetball courts can be placed in side or rear yards only.

Lot Coverage

Each zone has lot coverage requirements. Please be sure that your lot coverage is not over your zone limits or your application will be denied. To find your lot coverage:

  • Find your zone on the zoning map.
  • You can look up your zone's lot coverage limit in this table.
  • Use your property survey and an engineering scale dd the square footage up for all structures and paved surfaces on your property. (Note: You may need an engineering scale for this task, and may wish to have the Zoning Office assess the lot coverage during your zoning review instead, which is fine.)
  • Divide your lot size by the total square footage of all structures and paved surfaces. The percentage you are left with (usually between 20% and 60%), will indicate your current lot coverage without the pool/court. If you add in the pool/court square footage, will you be under your zone's lot coverage percentage?


No part of the surface area of a swimming pool, tennis court or racquetball court, including structures attached thereto, or any pool filtering equipment, shall be closer than ten (10) feet to any side or rear lot line. Any impervious area which functions as a walkway to or which abuts a swimming pool, tennis court or racquetball court shall be set back a minimum of three (3) feet from any lot line. 



The entire swimming pool, tennis court or racquetball court must be fenced. Said fence shall be a minimum of six (6) feet in height for swimming pools and shall be a minimum of eight (8) feet in height to a maximum of twelve (12) feet in height for tennis courts and racquetball courts and shall be of such design that it securably controls access to such area. Where such is located on a corner lot and the fence on the side facing the street is nonsolid, that portion of the fence shall be adequately screened with evergreen shrubs not less than four (4) feet in height. 

Pool two hoses emptying-a25.jpg


No swimming pool shall drain into a public sanitary sewer or be located in such a manner that water from the pool or filtering equipment drains onto another property.