Zoning Regulations (17:9-42)

The entrance to your property is often overlooked, but is one of the most important areas to improve the look of your house. Belgium block curbing and concrete or cobblestone pavers are all good ways to attract positive attention to your driveway and increase curb appeal. All driveways and parking areas must conform to the following regulations:


All driveways and parking areas shall be constructed of a durable and dustless asphalt or cement surface material except that driveways for one- and two-family residential dwellings may be decorative stone or pavers. Road stone and quarry stone are not decorative stone. 

Driveway Location

No nonresidential driveway shall be located within ten (10) feet of an existing adjacent residential property nor within five (5) feet of any other property line, unless otherwise regulated in this chapter. No residential driveway shall be located closer than two (2) feet from a property line. 

Building Setback

The minimum setbacks for buildings from driveways and parking areas within the site shall be-five (5) feet. This does not apply for one- and two-family dwellings. 


Driveways for one-car garages shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet wide and a maximum width of twelve (12) feet. Driveways for two-car garages shall be a maximum of twenty (20) feet wide. Curb cuts for ten (10) foot wide driveways shall be a maximum of fourteen (14) feet wide. Curb cuts for twenty (20) foot wide driveways shall be a maximum of twenty-six (26) feet wide. 

A parking lot shall be located to the rear of a building and/or the interior of the site where its visual impact to adjacent properties and the public right-of-way can be minimized. Parking lots shall be prohibited in any required side yard setback area or front yard area.

Parking Lot Location

In all zone districts and for all uses except single- and two-family dwellings, parking lots or individual spaces shall be prohibited within front yard areas. The front yard parking permitted accessory to one- and two-family dwellings is only those spaces directly in front of usable garages in accordance with the Residential Site Improvement Standards. No other front yard parking is permitted. 

Garage Required

Historic Homes

All homes in historic districts must file an application with the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) before a zoning approval is granted. Please contact the Planning Division to find out more information at (908) 753-3391.

Each zone has lot coverage requirements. Please be sure that your lot coverage is not over your zone limits or your application will be denied. To look up lot coverage:

  • Find your zone on the zoning map.
  • You can look up your zone's lot coverage limit in this table.
  • Add the square footage up for all structures and paved surfaces on your property. (Note: You may need an engineering scale for this task, and may wish to have the Zoning Office assess the lot coverage during your zoning review instead, which is fine.)
  • Divide your lot size by the total square footage of all structures and paved surfaces. The percentage you are left with (usually between 20% and 60%), will indicate your current lot coverage without the patio/walkway. If you add in the patio square footage, will you be under your zone's lot coverage figures?

Lot Coverage