STEPS 3-5: Departmental Reviews

Plainfield's Zoning, Building, and Inspections Divisions work hard to keep applications moving quickly. All applications require between 20-30 days to be processed. Please allow for 30 days for all new businesses applying to be opened.


Step 3: Zoning Office (10 Days)

The Zoning Office will review your application for conformance with the Land Use Ordinance of the City of Plainfield as well as the Municipal Land Use Law of New Jersey. Certain applications, such as businesses, require inspections that will also be done by the Zoning Office. If your application is denied by the Zoning Office, please read the denial letter and respond with any missing information or with an application for a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment if you wish to file for such. Please allow the Zoning Office 10 days to respond to your application. The Zoning office will respond in an approval or denial format. Certain improvements, such as driveways and fences do not require building permits and can therefore stop at this steps. All others continue onto Step 4.


Step 4: Building Division (5 days)

If your application is approved by the Zoning Office or does not require zoning review, then you may proceed to the Building Division. The Building Division receives all approved applications from the Zoning Office automatically, so there's no need to call or take the folder from one office and give it to another. If you do not require Zoning, you begin your application at this step. You must go to the Building Division and submit your permit cards (electrical, building, fire, mechanical, or plumbing) and a copy of your builders license to the clerks (licenses required only for multifamily or commercial properties). The Building Division requires (5) five days to process and price all permits. Once the five days are over, the division will call you to alert you to come and pay for and receive your permits. All permits and application fees must be paid for prior to receipt and can only be paid for in cashier's check, money order, business check. No personal checks, credit cards or cash is accepted.

Step 5: Code Enforcement office

If you are applying to open a business, the Code Enforcement Office requires you to file a Certificate of Compliance for a Rental. The cost is $300.00. The "CofC", as it is called internally, is a certificate that is issued to certify that the inside and outside of an establishment is up to par with the Plainfield Property Maintenance Code (PMC). If your location does not meet the PMC, then you or your landlord will be required to make improvements prior to occupancy. No occupancy is permitted without a Certificate of Compliance for a Rental and a Zoning Approval.