Zoning Regulations (17:9-34)

Garage applications are expected to adhere to the following guidelines of the Land Use Ordinance:


One-Car Garage

A one (1) car parking garage, not to exceed twelve by twenty-five (12 x 25) feet or three hundred (300) square feet, for a single-family unit, or a two (2) car garage not to exceed twenty-two by twenty-five (22 by 25) feet or five hundred fifty (550) square feet, for a two-family dwelling unit, shall be provided for all residential dwellings. 

Two-Car Garage

A two (2) car garage may be constructed on a single-family dwelling lot provided it does not exceed the maximum garage size of five hundred fifty (550) square feet.

Setback & Coverage

Garages must be set back five (5) feet from the property line. Your garage must not increase past the coverage limits for your zone.

Rebuilding a garage?

If a garage is demolished, a new garage must be constructed within one (1) year of the obtaining of a demolition permit.

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Historic District Garages

New garages constructed on any properties in residential historic districts shall be detached from the residence and located to the rear of the residence. You must apply with the Historic Preservation Commission if you live in a historic district.