Zoning Regulations (17:9-29)

The type of fencing you have on your property can complement your neighborhood and home or detract from it immensely. Choose wisely the type of fence and what it says about your neighborhood and your property. Try to stick with decorative fencing. All fences in Plainfield need permits, even fences replacing old fences. See the city's rules on fencing below:


No Chain Link Fences

The city allows fences to be any color and any material except chain link. Chain link fences are not permitted at all on residential properties, and are permitted only in side and rear yards in commercial areas. Wood, PVC, metal and other materials are acceptable for fences.

picket fence.jpg

Front yard Fences

The maximum height for a fence in the front yard area (anything between the front wall of your house/building and the front property line) shall be no more than 4' tall and nonsolid (50% open or more). An example would be a picket or wrought iron fence.

stained fence.JPG

Side and Rear Yard Fences

Side and rear yard fences on residential properties can be 6' tall and either solid or nonsolid. No commercial property can have a fence higher than 8' tall.

finished side.jpg

Finished Side Faces Away

The finished side of the fence must be located on the exterior facing outward away from the property toward adjacent properties.

Property Survey

Indicate where your fence will be going on your property survey and hand it in with your application.


Retaining Wall.jpg

Retaining Walls

All retaining walls over a height of 4' must be reviewed by the city's Engineer along with the Zoning Officer. This requires two applications. Engineering permit applications can only be found at the Engineering Office. Please call the Plainfield Engineering Office for more information on filing for a permit with their office at 908-226-2514.

barbed wire.jpeg

No Barbed Wire

No barbed wire, broken glass, razor wire, metal spikes, etc. can be installed on top of fences.


No Building Permit Req'd

Fences do not require Building permits. Once you receive your zoning approval, you can install the fence. Please allow the Zoning Office 10 days to respond to all applications.