Zoning Regulations (17:9-44)

All decks must conform to Land Use Ordinance Section 17:9-44 Porches and Decks. The following rules apply to decks in the city:



For residential structures, decks cannot be located in a front yard but may be located in the required side or rear yard, provided they do not extend more than fifteen (15) feet into the rear yard setback area or closer than six (6) feet to the side lot line.

deck steps.jpg


Steps for porches and decks cannot be located closer than six (6) feet from the property line.

back deck enclosure.jpg


Decks cannot be heated or air conditioned and at least fifty percent (50%) of the exterior wall area must be open and nonglazed. 

Required Yard Setback

For townhouses, apartments and nonresidential uses, decks cannot extend into a required yard setback area. 

No Upper Story Decks

Upper story decks are not permitted. Similarly, upper story structures are not permitted above decks or porches if they extend into a required side yard.