File the application for zoning review for your new business by clicking the button below and printing the zoning application. Submit the application along with your supporting documents; and a business check, money order or cashier's check for $20.00 to the Plainfield Building Division. No cash, cards or personal checks are accepted. Sorry :( .

The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board presides over applications that need variances. If your business is not permitted in the zone or do not otherwise meet the above provisions of the Land Use Ordinance, you probably need a variance. The variance process is a longer process than a normal zoning application and requires a board hearing, a 45 day review period by the Planning Division, and a $500 escrow for residential applications and $1,000 for commercial applications, along with fees. To learn more about the Zoning Board and Planning Board process, please contact the Planning Division at (908) 753-3391.

Zoning Board of Adjustment & Planning Board